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Tobacco use can cause several different medical and oral health problems. At the same time, tar and other chemicals introduced to your mouth can also cause significant dental stains. This can leave you with an unsightly yellow smile in a relatively short amount of time.  

Significant tobacco stains often cannot be remedied by the mild concentration of whitening agents used in consumer oral hygiene products. To safely remove tobacco stains from your smile, you will need to have a dental bleaching treatment administered at Dr. Konstantinos Proussaefs’s dental office in Simi Valley, California.

To prevent the potent dental bleach from irritating your gums, Dr. Konstantinos Proussaefs will apply a special gel or install a temporary rubber dam. Once this is done, Dr. Konstantinos Proussaefs will pour a small amount of the dental bleach into trays that roughly match the shape of your dentition. They will insert the trays into your mouth with a mild suction wand and held there for a specific amount of time.

Once the dental bleaching is complete, Dr. Konstantinos Proussaefs might use a special ultraviolet light to brighten your teeth and remove any lingering stain particles from the minute contours in your tooth enamel.

If you live in the Simi Valley California, area and you are struggling to deal with a tobacco-stained smile, you should call 805-422-3116 to schedule a dental bleaching treatment at Konstantinos Proussaefs DDS Inc.