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Even though they are not your natural teeth, dentures still require a good amount of care so they can endure. You still need to brush the dentures and put them through a little extra cleaning to avoid bad breath and worse problems.

The foods you eat can get stuck to the dentures or forced under them. Now you cannot stop this, but you should make sure you clean the dentures regularly. If not, the food can cause bad breath and attract bacteria that cause inflammation and gum disease. You can also put yourself at greater risk of getting a fungal infection called dental stomatitis by not cleaning your dentures.

Here is how you can increase your defenses against such problems. You can brush your dentures. You should take your dentures out in order to do this. Use a soft bristled brush and avoid an abrasive toothpastes or cleaners. Any abrasive cleaning solution can harm your dentures.

You should also brush your mouth. Clean up any remaining natural teeth, your tongue, cheeks, and palate (the roof of your mouth).

You should then soak the dentures in a cleaning-solution designed especially for dentures. The solution usually comes in a tablet form.

Once you are done, you should rinse the dentures off. The cleaning solution has some chemicals that are not good for your mouth, but a thorough rinsing should remove them. It is also a good idea to rinse dentures with water after you eat.

After that, check for any remaining foodstuffs. If you find any, brush them away, with a toothbrush of course. Following these steps should help you keep the dentures clean and your mouth healthy.

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