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In order to have a wonderful holiday season with the healthy smile, always be sure to use discretion with all habits in your life. This includes making sure to wear proper safety gear, limit damage from bad habits or high-risk activities, use effective cleaning products, practice effective oral health care techniques, and visit your dentist as necessary.

In order to protect your smile, it is important to wear safety equipment when necessary. This includes the presence of mouthguards, face masks, or helmets when playing sports or other similar high-risk activities. If you fail to do so, oral accidents and injuries can severely harm your oral health and lead to severe dental damage.

Another common risk of dental damage that individuals often face is through mouth jewelry. Mouth jewelry, such as lip or tongue rings, can lead to nerve damage, infections, lacerations, tooth enamel damage, and be present as choking hazards. Exercise caution with mouth jewelry and any other product that can damage your smile. Furthermore, use safe teeth whitening products that have been approved or recommended by your dentist, as some can bleach your gums and eat through your tooth enamel.

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