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Every time that you begin to apply various techniques to improve your smile, be aware of the risks of appliances and habits that you may keep. Health risks that many individuals may not think about includes the use of mouth jewelry. It consists of various pieces often made of hard metal or plastic pieces that can easily damage your smile. Furthermore, it can lead to infection and several other forms of dental damage.

Did you know that mouth jewelry can cause several problems with your smile including permanent nerve damage? It’s true because when tongue rings are inserted, it can hit crucial areas of your tongue, including damage to your nerves and burst blood vessels. Furthermore, lip and tongue rings can slide around in your mouth and chip and crack your teeth. If that wasn’t enough, individuals who have a hypersensitivity to metals could suffer allergic reactions that can cause their tongue to swell and close their airways. If you should have any issues associated with mouth jewelry, you will need to visit our dentist.

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