Keeping Your Smile out of Harm’s Way

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Keeping your smile out of harm’s way is important to ensure your oral health can remain in pristine condition. However, there are multiple hazards, both seen and unseen in our world that seek to damage your precious teeth and gums, including the following:

– Wearing safety gear such as mouth guards and face masks can often be the difference between minor discomfort and a serious oral accident. Always wear safety gear.

– Not all oral accidents are visible, as some can happen on a microscopic level. For example, chewing on your nails or pens can damage your teeth beyond just the risk of visible cracks and chips.

– Always beware and exercise caution when biting into any meals, because you never know when a product will come along that may not be cooked properly or may be extra hard, which can end up cracking or splitting your teeth.

– Never use your mouth as a can opener, or an oral accident may occur.

– Although mouth jewelry such as lip and tongue rings may seem like a fashionable choice, it can also lead to oral accidents such as torn gum tissue and cracked teeth.

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