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Did you know the importance of root canals and saving broken or damaged teeth? In many cases, teeth that have suffered damage to the pulp will need to be extracted. However, effective root canals can potentially save teeth that have suffered pulp damage. Furthermore, it is essential to understand the causes of pulp damage to help determine if a root canal is needed.

If a tooth has recurring dental procedures over the years, it may have worn down the tooth enamel to the point that the tooth is now susceptible to damage to the tissues in the root and the pulp. Since tooth enamel cannot be rebuilt easily, tooth restorations such as dental bonds, dental fillings, and dental crowns may be needed to ensure the pulp doesn’t end up damaged. If a pulp infection arises, a root canal therapy will be required.

Always be searching for ways to decrease your risk of a damaged pulp, including via injury prevention planning. If the root of the tooth is exposed, it otherwise may lead to the extraction of the tooth. However, with a successful root canal therapy, it may be possible to save a tooth with a damaged pulp.

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