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A teen’s oral health depends on using discretion and making the right choices. As the last of your adult teeth grow in during the teen years, it’s an important time to remember that they are the last set you are ever going to receive, so from that day forward, you must always protect them by cleaning them daily and making informed decisions. Some decisions that will be thrust upon teens may seem cool and worth trying in order to be accepted into preferred social circles, but after a few years have gone by and all of the friends have gone their separate ways, you may still be left with the decisions you made back then, including in terms of your oral health.

Some common dangers often attributed to peer pressure include smoking and chewing tobacco and using recreational drugs. Even though these habits may seem cool in many social circles, there is nothing cool about putting your young smile at permanent risk, not to mention your life. Rather, try to find activities to do with friends that are fun and engaging without resorting to bad habits.

Another key risk for your teeth and gums arises in the form of mouth jewelry. Even though mouth jewelry may be an aesthetically pleasing accessory on its surface or a nonverbal fashion statement about your style and feelings, it can cause serious damage to your mouth. In addition to the constant risk of bleeding and potential chipping and cracking caused by hitting nearby teeth, there is also the increased risk of infection. Infectious disease including hepatitis and endocarditis can arise due to the presence of mouth jewelry.

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